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  • Tegan and Sara talk with Margaret Cho and Jim Short about their fans, touring, recording Heartthrob,their childhoodall things Australian and Canadian and their past experiences in relationships.


    This is such a hilarious yet honest interview that I just adore so I’ve made transcripts of my favourite parts that I’ll be posting.


    An excerpt on the early days of the band and now:

    Tegan: "When we graduated high school and we were like, in this band all of a sudden, and travelling around the world, and t-shirts with our names on it and it’s just the two of us - we struggled. We butt heads so much. It was such a difficult time because everyone saw us as a duo. Everyone just saw us as this partnership, as this - we didn’t have that time where everyone graduates, they go to college, they get to explore  their, you know, new side, without their family and living in their home. And we didn’t get to do that. We were immediately in the back seat of a car, travelling around the world. But over the last fourteen years we’ve continued to create these separate lives and personalities and I think it’s allowed us to take these two different pieces and put them together that will make something really great. And you know, I think that’s why our records continue to evolve and change. Not just ‘cause we wanna make millions of dollars."

    Sara: "Right. And are you making millions of dollars?"

    Tegan: "Yeah, you’re making millions, right?" [both laugh] "Oh my god."

    Sara: "Doll hairs."

    Tegan: Doll hairs.”

    Sara: "Doll hairs."

    Tegan: Doll hairs. Millions of doll hairs.

    Sara: "Yeah, ‘cause that’s what you’ve been making. That’s what the accountant is paying me in is, doll hairs."

    Tegan: "Sacks of doll hairs everywhere."

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